Saturday, August 18, 2007

To those of you with scoliosis, a hearty high-five. On July 18, 2007, my son went through a fusion procedure to correct a 50+ degree curve, which distorted his ribs and affected his breathing. Dr. Hey of The Hey Clinic, and his team, performed the procedure in just under two and a half hours. The surgery itself increased his height by about 3/4 inch. As his body adjusted to the correction and his compensating curves got straighter, he gained another 1/4 inch over the following week alone. Dr. Hey blogged about him right after the surgeries.

It was very tough for him, especially so the first couple of days. It was tough on us too, seeing and hearing him go through it, but he recovered quickly from the initial surgery. We hope and expect that the xrays will show good bone growth, and that healthy walking and exercise habits will help keep him straight.

ps. Special thanks to Miss S. - you know who you are - who had a repeat procedure just after my son (and by the same team) to correct kyphosis. Miss S., we appreciated your encouragement and that you shared your experience with us.

On the title

The title of this blog comes from R. Buckminster Fuller. The full quote:

"Unity is plural, and at a minimum, two."

I studied RBF's writings as a kid after doing an elementary school report on geodesic domes. He idealized himself in his writings, but was not very forthright in giving Kenneth Snelson due credit for his seminal contributions to tension-wire structures ("tensegrities").

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Opening day

I decided to start blogging after my 25th high school reunion. (via Classmates.)

I actually started keeping an electronic work-related journal around '96, using scripts to make log entries, but the files are mostly gone - a victim of forgetfulness during a move. I still have some entries in a locally hosted Wiki from a later period, that I'll re-post publicly from time to time.

This Web log will contain personal news and things about which I am curious, which includes a number of topics. I'm not so much interested in ranting about issues, than inquiring and knowing.