Sunday, March 23, 2008

Maple madness

Maple 11 is an interesting environment, but it's idiosyncrasies are maddening at times.
After 11 versions, you'd think that the "Find" command would work similar to other tools.
I just tried "CTRL-F": it opens a "Find/Replace Text" dialog.
I type in "with(" because I'm trying to collect all the packages I've referenced on the worksheet and put them in one place (at the top).

No matches found.

I try variations with spaces, before and after. Make sure nothing is highlighted.
Still "No matches found".

I drop the parenthesis. It finds a match. Impressive. I click the "Find Next" button.

Nothing happens. Apparently the Maple 11 find function locks on to the first match found and doesn't let go. My guess is that the search algorithm doesn't properly save the last position and always starts from the top.

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