Thursday, March 5, 2009

My take on Obama, with hindsight

I made these predictions for my own purposes on November 5th, 2008, just after Mr. Obama won the election. Rather than stew on things that might or might not be, it seemed better just to dump it out, and let the unfolding of events show where my perceptions were correct or distorted. Others will have their own interpretation of the events, and read only "fear" here, but making a projection based upon some rationale helps qualify how much predictive power one's own perceptions have. Dumping is thus not only a simple way of venting anxieties, but also of telling with hindsight whether the anxieties were rational.

Note also, when I write "Obama", I mean most of the federal bureacracy as well as the Democrat Party controlled House and Senate; in essence my thesis is that the Party will act unified, unilaterally, and dogmatically, without regard to the consequences of the country's health or even of its own political constituencies.

Barak Obama just got elected. Overshadowing the historic election of a black president is Obama's unabashed leftist tendencies. Despite his rhetoric to the contrary, my predictions based upon observation of Democrat politics are that he will all but discard the facade of moderation and reform the government in his own image.

Summary: Obama will govern as a political ideologue rather than a moderate to the point of being a radical leftist. Together with a Democrat majority Obama will ignore constitutional bounds, radically alter government institutions to reestablish the welfare state and embed a socialist agenda, and freely use the power of the State against those viewed as dissidents.

Several policy events will occur in rapid succession, which will _only_ be kept in check by constant senate filibustering: [note: the Reps left in the senate don't seem to be using the filibuster.][Update: As of July and with the MN court allowing the creation of fictitious votes for Franken, it appears the Reps have completely lost senate power.]

We will see strong drops in oil and gasoline market prices, due to increased OPEC production.
[Note: this happened, but as much due to drops in oil demand.]
At the same time Obama will increase fuel taxes to regressively high levels. [note: in March 2009, Progress Energy claimed cap-n-trade will increase customers' energy costs by 42%.]

Obama will immediate set-up a witch-hunt of "special prosecutions" of political foes in high offices. [ note: this was being proposed by congressional Dems in early March 2009]
Bush and Cheney may be on the hit list. Governor Palin will be on the hit list.
Several senators and congressmen will be hit. [On July 3rd, Palin declined to run for a second term and resigned, citing lame-duck status and the incessant legal and personal attacks by well-organized groups supporting Obama. The mode of attack against Palin has been historic, and parallels methods used by Italian and German fascists against their targets.]
[note: as of September 2009, the witch-hunt now includes CIA interrogation officers.]

Pullout in Iraq, followed by civil war and death of hundreds of thousands of moderate and secular Iraqis, and installation of a radical Islamist state in Iraq. [As of July, Obama has arranged the pull-out, a little later than I expected, so perhaps the Iraqis have a better handle on security. On the other hand, Obama stood by in complete impotence as the neighboring state of Iran quashed its dissidents. He even intimated threats against the Honduran government if it did not re-seat a would-be dictator whose term-limit was up, siding with Venezuelan tyrant Hugo Chavez against Honduras' own constitution, supreme court, legislature, and armed forces. So it is clear his sympathies generally work against for people and democratic principles.]
[Update: As of July, Obama is claiming credit for the previously scheduled withdrawals set in place by the Bush administration. At the same time, the huge victory for the Iraqis has been denigrated or ignored by the press and administration.]
[Update: As of September, Iraq remains tenuous but not much reported in the news any more. Meanwhile, through his indecision, Obama is losing the war in Afghanistan.]

Immediate citizenship for all illegal aliens currently resident on US soil and effectively free immigration to new illegal aliens. [Seems to be on his list.]

Obama's administration will have open disregard for the border and complete and utter abandonment of immigration law. [Pretty much, yeah. I've seen nothing but withdrawal, despite his weak rhetoric.]

Multiple across-the-board and substantial tax increases on the middle-class and corporations, by all but income tax increases. [100% spot on. Cap-and-trade is hitting this week, and promises huge increases in everything from house inspections to electricity rationing.][Update: as of July, Dems are indicating that the wealthy will be socked with the entire cost of the proposed health insurance takeover fiasco.]

Obama will fail to act when faced with immediate challenges by Russia and China through surrogates in Iran and North Korea. [North Korea now talks openly about sending ballistic missiles against the US, with nuclear warheads. Obama appears completely impotent.]
Instead he will meet with rogue states' leaders and concede unilaterally. [Update: Obama met with Russia and all but promised a unilateral reduction; as of July Obama has started the cuts most visibly with the F22 program.][Update: September 17th, Obama announces a decision apparently made a while ago: he has unilaterally dropped the missile defense program to protect Western European allies. At this point, I'm creeping myself out with how predictable Obama has been. If I can do it, surely the country's enemies can as well.]

Obama will solidify his control over society by several executive orders and congressional bills, earmarking an unabashedly leftist indoctrination system in the school systems.
[Note: In September, Obama announced plans to begin direct addresses to schools starting on the 8th.][Update: September 17th: repeat what was noted elsewhere here about the Fed takeover of student loans. Also note that the Feds control over 90% of the mortgage market, and can deny access to mortgages on any basis they so chose.]

A "Fairness doctrine" will be set in place to chill political speech on radio stations. [Update: September 17: following in the heels of uproar over healthcare and the uncovering of widespread tactical support for prostitution and white slavery by Acorn, the administration and press has been ratcheting up the rhetoric against individuals' free speech, calling it "dangerous" and "uncivil".]

Obama will attack the energy industry, halting virtually all new energy production. [This was one of the first things done by executive order. Now the Cap-and-trade bill passed congress, heading to the senate.]

Obama's economic policy will drive the economy into a depression, but the newspapers and media will blame it on the Republican party.
The economy will first falter, then abruptly fail, as small employers close up shop due to Obama's regressive economic policies. [We're in the faltering stage as of July. I expect the cap-n-trade and health-care fiascos to push us over the edge.]
[Update; as of the end of July the press is playing up the economy as a few sectors exhibit the "bottom bump" effect; the stock market is up, but it appears that the release of good and bad earnings reports was carefully coordinated, with both Amazon and Microsoft giving bad news only after the closing bell.]
[Update: Obama took a destabilized economy and pushed it over the edge. As of September, the economy is still heading downward, with small shifts but no substantive recovery. Millions of jobs have been lost: the average is about 300k per month in the past 12 months. )[Update: September 17th: the economy continues to drop; the administration and press continues to spin it as "but it isn't dropping as fast".]

A substantial part of the medical services industry will be socialized by a mandated government-run health care system. [As of July they are working on it. Along with Cap-and-trade the method seems to be to use Democrat majorities to push through "bills" that haven't even been written, without debate.]
[Update: debate has stirred as people realize how financially overstressed the system has already become. Now people are laughing down their Senators, and blue-dog Dems are voicing concern.]

Longer term I see
In addition to 1st-year tax hikes, Obama and congressional Democrats will allow the Bush tax cuts to be rolled back to much higher 2002 levels. [Done]

Gay marriage and health-benefits civil rights acts will be proposed and sail through under Obama.

Institution of a "civil service" requirement on citizens. [That is to say, forced servitude. Obama proposed this at least twice during campaign speaches.]

Nationalization of several key industries. [This is clearly in evidence through Jan-March 2009, including defense, automotive, banking, and medical industries.]

Russia will conquer a neighboring state and take control of its infrastructure with no effective response by Obama.

Institution of an equivalent of a permanent "restitution plan" for African Americans.

Dismantling of the military, closing of military bases and an almost irreversable disarmament of the armed forces. [Obama announced his plans to eliminate the commercial military market and cut spending on March 4, 2009.]

Breaking of free trade agreements.

Race riots. It might seem strange but with Obama in office the worst of the worst will believe they can act with impunity when some crisis occurs, such as a natural disaster or terrorist strike. Neither pride nor honor will restrain them, but they will act to "spread the wealth" according to their own desires and sense of self-righteousness. [We're on our way. Groups like Acorn are being funded to the tune of $20B to organize their particular brand of brown-shirt tactics.]
[Update: at the end of a carefully choreographed press conference on Health Care, Obama told the group that he wanted one more question to be asked by a specific reporter. Obama made no attempt to hide the obvious staging of the question. The racial situation posed by the question: white cop vs black professor, the willingness of Obama to speak prejudicially to criticize the police handling, and the fact that it was done at the end of an hour of discussion on an unrelated topic shows that it was clearly intended as an inflammatory device to set a spark for racial conflict.][Update: September 17th: there are sparks of tension evident in the culture. A few days ago a "white" school kid was beat up by a bus full of minority kids; SEIU thugs have appeared at rallies to prevent peaceful protests and directly incite violence outbursts.]

Signing away of US sovereignty to the United Nations, including the securing of agreements by which the UN may impose policies over future US governments, and prosecute Americans.

Stacking the courts with appointments of prosecutors and judges willing to prosecute on ideological grounds. [Overtly racist Sotomayor proposed, Inspector General Gerald Walpin illegally fired. Obama is clearly an ideologue who makes such decisions with an unthinking bias, and will continue bending the courts to suit his viewpoints.]

Reinstatement of social programs equivalent to old-style welfare programs. [Done and clearly in evidence in the $trillions+ spending bills.]

Shifting of government expenditures to favored institutions and corporations. [This is what Obama's "Stimulus Package" was all about.]
[Update: Acorn, a group with established criminal practices, has been given a significant role to play in the census. As time goes on, more and more of this graft is uncovered.]

Conservative-leaning civil groups will be targeted with lawsuits by leftist surrogate organizations, with the administration's support and direction. [Palin is a special case of this.]

Existing coal and nuclear plants will also close, reducing energy supplies; electricity prices will skyrocket.

Obama will invest token amounts in research for new energy supplies, but they won't pay off. [Seven months in and we still see nothing of the so-called stimulus bill. It appears to be a giant scam, mainly meant to funnel funds to crony groups like Acorn.]

Preferential treatments for minorities will be institutionalized to an unprecedented degree, to the point that college enrollment of "white males" - which is already dropping - will drop precipitously as they are unable to gain entrance or get student loans. [Lest you think this is a racist rant, I think anyone who has the ambition should be able to pursue higher education; but I suspect Dems will be seduced by their own power, into enforcing social justice criteria with punitive actions -- an iron fist approach -- rather than provide real institutional infrastructure improvements and strictly encouraging and support minorities.][Update: A September 17th news item indicates that the Federal government is nationalizing the student loan program, with a graft funneling of money to Acorn, giving an organization with a history of violent criminal actions and strong ties to individuals who articulate racially prejudiced beliefs, inappropriate influence with regard to student loan access.]

There will also be minor crisis as answers to many questions surrounding Obama, which had been suppressed as much as possible prior to the election, will surface. The constitutionality of his right to hold office will not be successfully challenged, but conclusive evidence will surface that he doesn't technically meet the criteria set forth in the constitution. Cronies and mentors such as Ayers and Wright will be promoted to influential places, despite their own ineligibility to serve in such capacities. [Obama has already had challenges in these areas, as the plethora of tax-cheats he has appointed or attempted to appoint demonstrate.]

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