Friday, June 12, 2009

The "Web 2.0", or, What is the Next Big Thing

For a lot of what Web Designers do, it is all about sales and marketing. Not that it is a bad thing, but the focus is almost entirely upon the appearance and "skinning" of a plain-old-HTML site. When server-pages platforms came along, they added databases to the mix, and they've finally entered the mainstream after what -- about seven years? Still, the tendency is still to format, layout, paint: branding.

Even with SEO/SEM, with an increasing recognition that content, not aesthetics, determines the search quality of the site (again, this is taking years), people are still thinking in terms of sales and marketing. It is all about drawing traffic from search engines to be told about commercial product or service.

That is not all the Web 2.0 is about.

Ok, I've used a term that's all about marketing hype, at least, it was a few years ago. But things have changed. The Web has depth to it, not just surface branding. It is easy to overlook those depths, since the surface Web is a pervasive marketing medium. The depth was always there from the beginning, it was just forgotten for a while.

JavaScript directed behavior and late-bound client-server XML/JSON data exchange (aka AJAX) is available today, in both heavyweight and lightweight tool chains. It is time institutions, whether commercial businesses, non-profits, or government entities, consider the impact of performing real work in the Deep Web.

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