Thursday, July 2, 2009

StumbleUpon is unusable

What a crappy user interface!

I started using the site a few minutes ago, and already I'm thinking I should dump it and move on. The user interface is Just Plain Lousy.

Five minutes into the experience, I try to find the place to post a link. It is a bookmarking site after all, right? No link. I have to navigate somewhere else to find it. That's incredibly stupid right off the bad -- maybe stupid on my part, maybe I missed it -- but then again, if it wasn't obvious enough to see doesn't that suggest a design failure?

I post a link, from my "Home page". Well, no, I just Stumbled it. I go back, and realize the link posting is an icon, not the entry box. Stupid design. I post a link. No, StumbleUpon tells me:
Missing parameters

If this still doesn't work for you, please Contact Us to let us know :)

Um, yeah, sure, let's go with that. Or not. I haven't even started yet. Do people really tolerate this kind of garbage? The internet sure has dumbed-down user's expectations. Used to be you expected an application to work the first time. Then again, it's free. Not that I'll be using it, but it was only five minutes of my time.

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