Thursday, November 12, 2009

Considering Accessibilty Again

Several months ago, I was considering a technology position at NC State. The position since closed up, but I was fence-sitting anyway. At the time I had the sense that it might be more enforcement or governance than I desired, but after speaking with others I believe I was wrong on that. But I felt that they deserved more than someone who was reticent about the position.

Anyway, the position was for someone who could act as an accessibility guru and technology liaison. This person would help raise awareness of facilitative tools and techniques for making technology services more accessible and usable. Speaking with Saroj Primlani, who had served as NC State's accessibility coordinator for many years prior, prompted me to rethink my rationale.

Not that the position is open any more... it isn't. But I'm not convinced it is as much about enforcement and governance as it is about awareness and efficiency. And that I can buy in to.

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