Friday, November 20, 2009

Web developers getting in over their heads

Quoting from a recent posting on a local "Web CMS" group:
"I had a [php webcms] based website, crashed it, and now have a really lame [web host brand] site. I started into setting up a new site but can't seem to stay focused and lack the know how to set something up."

Well, this seemed like such an elegant question, a real teachable moment. The original poster's system imploded under the pressure of an increasing learning curve. My point is that every choice to deploy technology comes with consequences, particularly on-going requirements to maintain the infrastructure.

Open source or not, you need to understand your own needs and constraints first. Never mind that the architectures of Web publishing frameworks are fragile enough that ordinary users can irreparably crash them (an obscure weakness of the O.P.'s particular webcms' architecture).

I won't mention the name (COUGH/DRUPAL/COUGH) , but all the PHP based make-believe CMS's suffer from major architectural flaws and a generally poor fit to efficient work flows.

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