Monday, January 25, 2010

Lenovo: World Class Craptops.

After about a year, I've learned to HATE my Lenovo laptop. The Chinese company took a well-established brand with a solid reputation for quality, and sent it to the crapper. The next time you're considering purchasing a laptop, don't think twice about Lenovo. Think at least five or six times, then buy a Mac instead.

Do yourself a favor: look at the Lenovo support forums. What you will find is a company that has been riding on fumes, unable to make system hardware or software that works properly. Screwed up video chip soldering traces, dying batteries, problems re-awakening from sleep mode, wireless software drivers that continue to crash systems ... the list of common customer complaints to which Lenovo offers no substantive response is endless.

Then there is the generally low quality of the hardware itself. The cases on the newest models flex more than a child's toys. Think that buying an extended warranty from Lenovo will help? Not for the battery, which will go dead predictably just after a 12 months when used with the braindead Lenovo power management software. Lenovo only has a 12 month warranty on the battery. And the other parts wear out quickly too. Like the touchpad buttons. Mine is already half broken and wobbling in place.

Never again. I thought HP screwed up when it placed the heat sink fins inside the casing preventing them from being cleaned (and ensuring overheating), or having power supply soldering traces that would de-laminate. But Lenovo has well outpaced HP in producing world class Thinkpad Craptops. I'll never waste another minute of my time on a Lenovo computer again.

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