Friday, March 26, 2010

Web "Content Management" ? Don't make me puke!!!

People who use the phrase "Web Content Management" in conjunction with any PHP application should be hauled up in front of congress, stripped of their civil rights, and be forced to buy health insurance. Wait... sigh... too late. Demokrat leadership is way ahead of me.

Ever edit something in Joomla and hit "backspace" accidentally, when the focus just happened to change to the wrong object? You've just lost any work you put into editing. Stupid fraking tools. At least Blogger asks you if you want to navigate away.

And don't get me started on how all these Web 2.x apps are so HORRIBLY SLOW. The keyboard just can't keep up sometimes, and I'm hardly a touch typist. Two-second delays while typing? Really?? Why  do we pay for quad core multi gigabyte systems??? Never mind that the cursor often disappears mysteriously, a victim of using non-native Javascript to emulate native editing. Load up all the modern crap we need just to work on the Web, and my 1980's era Atari ST looks like a performance enhanced hot rod by comparison. (Of course, MS Windows bears a lot of the blame here too.)

Sigh. Layers upon layers upon layers, injecting more and more waste. I want to wash it all away. Get out a simple #2 pencil and paper, and stop killing all these trees. We waste more in packing materials for video screens and coal to generate electricity in an attempt to save paper we haven't really saved anyway from using all these falsely-so-called content management systems.

In the world of the Web progress mostly moves you sideways but creeps forward. Contrast this to congress, where our civilian rights have been rolled back via a nationalized form of 18th century indentured servitude.

Don't chose to believe the comfortable lie of layering in too-big-to-fail. Give yourself the chance to sweep away the institutionalized corruption. Show no mercy. Strip it all away. For only then can you identify genuine opportunities to do better.

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