Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Attending FutureWeb 2010

Against my better judgment, I decided to attend Future Web at the WWW2010 conference. Mainly, because it was cheap, it was local, and they're offering free coffee at the breaks. Seriously, it seemed like a good deal to be able to rub shoulders with others in the deeper Web domain.

Right now it is the opening Plenary. They've been speaking for 10 minutes already when a young lady with a backpack sneaks in and sits down beside me. A few moments later, having gotten the import of the speaker, she did physically what I've already done emotionally by opening this blog page (walked out). They're talking about the decisions they had to make in organizing the conference and selecting papers. Not exactly designed to capture the imagination. Then again, Future Web is really just an excuse to attend the conference without attending any of the arcane technical presentations.

As I finish this, the third person sits down beside me. Fortunately, Vint Cerf is about to speak. Let's see what happens.

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