Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sitting in on the interview w/ Berners-Lee and Weitzer

This is sort of a "fireside chat". Very political overtones to the discussion. Not sure what to make of it. The process has always been politicized, but as the Web becomes increasingly important to public and private life, I wonder whether control over the direction of government will be further wrested from individuals and our local civic institutions. 

But my battery is running dead, not having been charged for long enough. I'll have to blog retrospectively.

OK, the break is almost over and the next interview with Vint Cerf almost ready to start, and I have a plug now.

A side note about the food. After the awful lunch I'm still not really hungry, but it is a little off-putting to see others wandering around with food. It is like the tale of two Webs, one a Web of "haves" and the others of "have not's". I know we got a bargain with the pricing of the Future Web, but the venue could have provided better catering.  Most of the meals and coffee breaks during the workshop were great, but there were problems. I'm not sure the convention center management did the right thing by offering stale rolls for lunch.  And considering the hit-or-miss state of eating down town, the Future Web attendees could have been offered something more than a note that "you're on your own"  for lunch. Constructive recommendations for instance, or an optional lunch ticket for purchase. 

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