Saturday, September 18, 2010

A few new tools

Following up on a previous post, here are a few of the other tools I've actually installed or started using:
  • The built-in iChat client. We use this to quickly send files around, rather than a network share. I like DropBox as an internet enabled network share alternative, but then you get into questions of "Do I really want to share the rest of the stuff in that folder?" or "where do I put this?" and cleaning up the extra copies after. With an IM client, you simply toss a file over the wall and hope someone catches it, then forget about it. No more futzing with file shares.
  • Teleport. Allows you to set up shared desktop/keboard/mouse sessions for pair programming. Pretty cool, except that my mouse kept accidentally wandering too close to the edge of the screen and stealing focus.
  • MySequelPro. Nifty control panel for MySQL.  When I look at RSpec for RoR 3, I immediately wondered why there isn't something like MySequelPro for configuring RSpec tests.... something that lists selectable options so you aren't constantly wondering what is really available. Anyway, it looks neat.
  • MacVim Ruby On Rails plugin. Turn VIM into a lightweight Rails integrated development environment. 

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