Saturday, October 9, 2010

The emotional booby trap

The emotional booby trap is when your spouse escalates a minor issue your life into a major emotional disagreement, just in time to turn a very pleasant day into a sullen, painful nightmare. 

Often the EBT involves an impeccable choice of timing for the dropping of the trigger, but it need not involve both spouses. Indeed, one spouse may simply be left in a state of shock by the sudden deployment of irrationality.

The EBT is worse than garbage dumping in that you don't see it coming. Where EGD is a chronic malaise, EBT is acute, sudden, and unanticipated. 

After an emotional booby trap is sprung, it feels as if my happiness has been sabotaged. She seems to have a desire to throw strawman problems up, just to create more drama in her life. 

And then, after the dust settles and the day has been wasted on sullen moodiness, she is acts as if nothing has been lost. But a little piece of my soul is taken, each time.

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