Tuesday, November 2, 2010

That is why you fail.

I recently picked up the 3rd edition of "Web Style Guide: Basic Design Principles for Creating Web Sites," and noticed a glaring omission right in the second paragraph of chapter 1.

For the benefit of the non-technical lay person, the paragraph follows, along with my suggested addition:

Planning a web ite is a two-part [change to] three-part process: first you gather your development team, analyze your needs and goals, and work through the development process outlined here to refine your plans. Next, you create a project charter document that details what you intend to do and why, what technology and content you'll need, how long the process will take, what you will spend to do it, and how you will assess the results of your efforts. The project charter document is crucial to creating a successful site: it is both the blueprint for your process and the touchstone you'll use to keep the project focused on the agreed-on goals and deliverables. [additions follow] Finally you realize with a sickening feeling that you will have to cancel the project. Having burned over twice the budget initially allocated without having created anything of substance, your development team will spit and curse you for wasting their time in meetings just to produce a vague and misleading document that no one will ever read again.

I don't believe it. - Apprentice Luke Skywalker
That is why you fail. - Jedi Master Yoda

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