Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Web Technology Needs to be Rebooted

I'm working on a little drawing applet, and try to put what should be some simple things into it.

First, I use :before and :after generated text content styles:

#text_xy_anchor::before { content: "(";} /* doesn't work !!! */
#text_xy_anchor::after { content: ")"; } /* doesn't work !!! */

I'm working in Chrome, and yes, I tried the original CSS2 syntax too. Neither works to put the generated content around the text input "text_xy_anchor".

Next, I added an "aside" next to a "section", the latter of which contains the canvas I've been working with. Now the canvas points are all offset.

Sigh. The problem with Web Browser based technologies is that so many shortcuts were taken over the years that EVERYTHING in the browser is about working around the side-effects.

A test case for this can be found here.

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