Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Recent proverbs, aphorisms, and admonishments

Never interrupt an interrupt.
If you don't understand this, you may be functionally ADD.
  • Me: "Do you know what that means?"
  • She: "No."
  • Me: "_That_, is why you fail."
  • She, laughing: "No, sir, that is why I succeed."
From experience, I can tell you she lets her interruptions get interrupted all the time. One might also suppose that it is bad to stack interruptions, or shuffle them around, but let's not bend the metaphor too much lest it break and we expend too much time picking up little pieces of interruptions all about us.
Organized like scrambled eggs
My son suggested this simile after attempting to design landscapes with a group on an online game called Minecraft. It applies well to the domain of programming. Ad-hoc development, whether coding, Minecraft landscape layout, or any other design regime and medium, all share common characteristics... what seems organic and natural at first may quickly decompose into an amorphous slurry of mush.
Code Grieving
Another anti-social pattern observed in Minecraft, and doubtless other online simulacra. A "griever" is a game player who rather purposefully destroys other peoples' creative efforts. By analogy, a code griever is a peer who, without acting collaboratively, breaks down working code that is already there. (Pair programming can sometimes feel as if you are being grieved, but it isn't the same phenomena.)
Vanity of vanities. All is vanity.
Explaining that wouldn't be worth the effort.

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