Thursday, February 10, 2011

Curious Misunderstandings and Other Faux Pas

Among this week's curiosities there stand out a few weirdnesses.  Like the slamming of doors by a 46 year old woman and being left to chill with my own thoughts for the rest of the night.  Or to have a seemingly professional prospect throw a hissy fit at not being rung up in a couple of weeks, saying he doesn't want to work with me after all.


The prospect-turned-insulted-date was weird enough. It was more disquieting to have someone close throw a tantrum for having to take her own dog to a potty break for the first time in days. That'll teach me for letting them take me for granted, all right!

Some people will get the wrong impression about you simply because they lack the empathy themselves to see things from your point of view. But it helps no one to be too agreeable too often. 

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