Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Content Management (sic)

"Beware," my System's Analysis instructor warned, "of labeling anything with the word management." The rationale behind the warning is that management is a euphemism for "I don't really understand this." Like uttering profanity when you're frustrated. Or a euphemism for profanity (but you still know what you meant). Or not, but still wanting to.

Content Management is one of those substitution profanities. Consultants like to throw this term around a lot, especially those whose job is to glue together processes and procedures to perform management of content. Because if you don't manage content, it will keep taking those long smoking breaks and won't be  focused enough to be productive.

Lazy freakin' content. But I digress, and now I'm stooping to using lame profanity substitutions myself. The problem isn't that content lacks self-motivation, nor that it needs to be told what tasks it needs to accomplish for today. We don't even really know what content is, at least, not in any way that distinguishes it from information or data. Or stuff.

Stuff Management is a more honest appellation. Since Management when applied to IT problems is most often a euphemism meaning "stuff," Content Management amounts to Stuff Stuff.

I'm all for creating good abstractions, but Stuff Stuff strikes me as a little bit too abstract for practical purposes, and just a little redundant. Content Management should be jettisoned.

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