Sunday, August 21, 2011

A case for web site Minimalism

It has been several months since my old Joomla based site was hacked. At the time the workaround was to put up a static placeholder page, with minimal contact information on it. It seems as if the time has come to revisit the site, now that I'm again on the prowl for more work.

While I endeavor not to lose focus, too many questions arise. "Why?" for instance. My Web site has never been a source of clients. For technical communication purposes I blog here, and for project work I use external services like github. There is just a little bit of lie to the oft told tale that a business "needs a Website".

What a business needs is a reputation. A Website is just one location people expect to help them inform their own opinions. Most people don't bother to read, let alone dig around for information, so unless a bit provides some meaningful novelty that contributes to your reputation that bit should be discarded.

And that's just information on a static site. Bits in database driven CMS sites come with much higher initial costs, a greater ongoing maintenance burden, and unmeasured risk exposures. Is a PHP content management system a worthwhile expense? Maybe. Is it an investment in an asset? It could be, if your brand is worth something. But from a technology perspective most CMS systems present more of a liability than asset.

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