Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mac Marginalia

I'm fiddling with getting my resume up on my Web site, and getting diverted by sundry tweaks.
Might as well note the tweaks here, as they seem to be handy. 

This Picture Has Nothing to do with the post.
The resume is kept in a git repository. The repos are all kept under ~/workspace (and sometimes mirrored to GitHub, Dropbox and/or pushed to the Web.) 

  • Dropbox appears in the Finder "Favorites" sidebar, but ~/workspace does not. 
  • So I go looking for it repeatedly. 
  • That's annoying. What to do?
  1. Open a Finder window. 
  2. Navigate to ~/workspace. 
  3. Press Command-T to add ~/workspace to the Favorites list. 

  • git status in a terminal shell window at ~/workspace/resume reveals a .DS_Store file.
  • Mac OSX pollutes folders with .DS_Store files to hold Finder information. Call 'em lazy. 
  • That file doesn't belong in the repo. That's annoying. What to do?
  • If you remove the file, it will just come back. That's annoying. What to do?
  1. Go to the terminal shell at ~/workspace/resume 
  2. echo '*.DS_Store' >> ~/.gitignore_global 
  3. git config --global core.excludesfile ~/.gitignore_global


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