Sunday, November 27, 2011

OSX Wireless Printing with Leftover PC printers

Apple's AirPrint has very little in the way of direct vendor support. HP seemed to be the only printer maker that supports the protocol.  Now Epson and Cannon have joined in.  

Epson printers suit me just fine. With an external inkwell, the cost of operation is a tiny fraction of the HP ink suckers. I have an older Epson though. What to do?

I dug up an old TrendNet TE100-P1U wireless print server.  The install manual claims that only PostScript printers are supported under OSX. Not so!

Just install the Gimp Print CUPS drivers. You then add the print server as a printer under System Preferences, Scan and Print settings. Set the printer type to your printer's model (mine is an Epson 9400Fax).   Print a test page and... it worked! So now I can print from OSX wirelessly to my old PC printer, without the old PC.  

No, as to AirPrint... OSX Lion can act as a host to your IOS devices via Activator 2.  It works fine sharing the print server printer, using the cups driver. 

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