Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dropped Google Ads

For a long time, I had a little sidebar of Google ads displayed on my blog. No more.

At the time it seemed like the thing to do. Syndicated advertising was all the rage, everyone was supposed to find ways to monetize their sites, blah blah blah...

I just threw up the sidebar to go through the steps needed, in case I needed to do it for someone else and just out of curiosity to see what it would generate. Well, this blog is, should we say, along the road less travelled, so the ads never amounted to anything monetarily.

It turns out that Google ads looked really sucky when the mobile template was active. Actually, they look sucky any time, but their relative sucky-ness increases as the display window decreases. I don't know why, they were just ugly.

There was another downside too: besides detracting from the visuals, syndicated advertisements contradict one of the messages of the blog: our society has put so much of its human capital into manipulating perceptions that it has eaten away at workplace ethics and cannibalized its equity in the process.

Bye bye, Google ads, I'm not really going to miss you.

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