Friday, January 6, 2012

Check out the Node Beginner Book

Check out  , the Node Beginner Book.

This is an unprovoked, unpaid, unrequited plug, just because I enjoyed looking through the site and working out the example. There is ample room to tweak the idiomatic style and play with the example, which is completely straightforward. The writing is a tiny amount sugary, but it presents a very good narrative. This guy needs to write more user guides.  


Manuel Kiessling said...


thanks for the review. I'm not a native speaker, could you explain what "sugary" means? Too much bla bla?

I'm currently writing The Node Craftsman Book, would you like to read the first chapter and give me feedback?

Unknown said...

You are welcome, it is fine work. I believe when I wrote that little post, that "a tiny amount sugary" referred to the voice or tone of the writing, which is a first-person narrative with colloquial phrases.

It was not meant to be a criticism as much as a setting of an expectation: many technical articles are written this way, and it is not uncommon for them to be either dull on the one hand or dripping with sweet phrases that don't quite sound sincere. Your writing seems to assume a level of intimacy with the reader that made me stop and think twice about it, but not for very long. If I were you I wouldn't change it, but bear in mind that the tone of familiarity can be overdone.

I'd be happy to read the Node Craftsman Book chapter!