Saturday, June 29, 2013

Building Angular-UI Utils

I tried again, doing a clean install of homebrew, node, and npm.

git clone

cd ui-utils

bower install

grunt build      # Fails with errors about stuff not being installed locally.

npm install grunt-contrib     # Fails because of crap in npm's cache...

That the local npm install failed was strange because I just cleaned it before reinstalling yeoman, bower, and grunt. But whatever -- cache clean is your freind.

npm cache clean

npm install grunt-contrib-watch
npm install grunt-contrib-uglify
npm install grunt-contrib-concat
npm install grunt-contrib-clean
npm install grunt-contrib-jshint
npm install grunt-contrib-copy
npm install grunt-karma

grunt build

Running "concat:tmp" (concat) task
File "tmp/dep.js" created.

Running "concat:modules" (concat) task
File "components/angular-ui-docs/build/ui-utils.js" created.
File "components/angular-ui-docs/build/ui-utils-ieshiv.js" created.

Running "clean:rm_tmp" (clean) task
Cleaning "tmp"...OK

Running "uglify:build" (uglify) task
File "components/angular-ui-docs/build/ui-utils.min.js" created.
File "components/angular-ui-docs/build/ui-utils-ieshiv.min.js" created.

Done, without errors.

Finally, no errors, but... where are the build files?



Seriously? Maybe someone punted.
At least the grunt build worked.

Aside from making a clean install of node, npm and several other node modules globally like yeoman, bower, grunt, coffeescript and coffeelint, this is what it took to build the ui-utils module.

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Arindam Biswas said...

thanks. Was looking to utilise ui-keypress and was wondering how how get a build of the entire ui-utils.