Thursday, September 17, 2015

Comprehensive Sense Making

Trying to comprehend a process consisting of multiple stakeholders in multiple workflows, is akin to a kid watching the guard-rails pass the car window on a long road trip.

When your reference frame is traveling at a different speed and direction than the frame of the thing you're observing, you may get 20-20 vision, but the whole thing is still going to be a blur.

Such is the problem of trusting the viewpoints of individual users reacting to day to day business activities: their view is blurred by the pace of life. And so is yours.

Want to align visions better? Reduce the number of players in the game at any one moment. Allow them to ramp up their speed by communicating exclusively together.  When business needs push them apart, allow them to disengage from the process instead of thrashing against it.

Recognize that until the game is fully underway, what the players see of each other will be blurred, and any tooling created to support the process will necessarily incorporate the blurred understanding.

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